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how to make a great hamburger

So you’ve just purchased one of our meat subscription boxes and you’re wondering what’s next. Well, nothing beats an uncomplicated, simple yet elegant, hamburger on a warm summer evening. Actually, many if not the majority of people would make the burger as their choice if they had just one food delegated to eat on Earth.

Now, let’s be honest, it is really hard to ruin a quality hamburger or cheeseburger for that matter, but simultaneously it can possibly be very easy to cook a great burger. There are variety of different thoughts about what makes a great hamburger. Here are the common thoughts on what makes a great burger:
1. Use a blend of 80/20 hamburger. This means the ratio of the beef is a blend of 80% lean beef blended with 20% fat
2. Never mash a ground beef As an alternative, make a loosely formed hamburger patty.
3. It’s best to cook a burger to medium

Is a Great Hamburger Different than a Great Steak?

Whenever steak fans describe a great steak, often the absolute most important factor is a good marbling to lean ratio. Marbling is a polite word for fat. The school of thought is that the more marbling a steak has, the more flavor the steak will have. We feel similarly when it comes down to our burger meat.

Hamburger meat, once formed into a patty, when put on heat has a tendency to contract or draw-up. To respond to this tendency and to also eject excess liquid fat, just after two minutes of cooking, we flip over the patty and mash it with a spatula. This mashing of the patty counters the contraction tendency and also eliminates just some of the fat from the patty. Ejecting liquid fat does not eject the fat cell walls, which impart plenty of flavors to the meat. Continue flipping the patty every two minutes until the desired doneness is reached.

Prepare Your Burger the Right Way

If you use our ground beef, you can prepare moist and tender hamburgers regardless your desired degree of doneness. A done hamburger will be equally as moist as a medium hamburger. However we regularly ask that you give a burger cooked medium a go. If you cook your burgers on an outdoors grill, we suggest you start with ground beef no greater than 3/8 inches thick because mashing the patty will be more difficult than on a stove. And to be sure you have the correct amount of doneness, it’s most convenient to use a thermometer.

The following grilling and cooking temperatures will give you the ideal hamburger, just remember, meat will still cook for 3 to 5 degrees more when removed from the heat source.

  • Rare – remove from heating source at 135 degrees
  • Medium rare – remove from heating source at 140 degrees
  • Medium – remove from heating source at 145 degrees
  • Medium well – remove from heating source at 150 degrees
  • Done – remove from heating source at 170 degrees

Now You Enjoy Your Great Hamburger

Pile up these burgers with your best-loved condiments, pop open a cool drink and enjoy. But before you do anything, see to it that you’ve purchased just one of our small meat box meat subscriptions for your juicy handcrafted burger. Now proceed.

What Does it Take to Make a Great Hamburger
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What Does it Take to Make a Great Hamburger
Enjoying a great hamburger is a truly amazing experience. Making a great hamburger is even more so. Here's our take on both.

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