“Free range” means that are animals are not confined on dirt lots. They always have access to large grass areas. Even in the winter when we have to feed the animals they have access to these areas. This allows them move around and spread out when they want to.

Stress has a very large impact on the tenderness and taste an animal produces. One of the first things that begin to happen when an animal is under stress is the reduction of intramuscular fat (marbling). This critical component of any quality piece of meat is the first thing to go and the last to be replaced when an animal becomes stressed.

We will ship all orders within 3 business days of receiving. In most cases your order will be shipped the next day. However, since this is a perishable item we will not ship it until there is time for it to arrive at its destination promptly without interference from weekends or holidays.

We ship anywhere within the US. All locations that are East of the Rocky Mountains plus Texas will be shipped via UPS ground unless an expedited service is requested. Unfortunately, due to our location, anywhere West of the Rockies plus Hawaii and Alaska will have to be shipped via UPS air to insure your order reaches you quickly enough.

There is currently no minimum purchase, however, you will be paying a disproportionate amount in shipping for smaller orders. This is due to UPS shipping costs being based primarily on the size of our packages.

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