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Different type of steak

When purchasing different types steaks there are different avenues of categorization to pursue. Purchasing a steak by tenderness to affordability is a guide that everyone needs to understand. Using the best steak delivery service alleviates some of the stress of choosing the “right” steak.

Choosing a Steak By Tenderness

If you wish to purchase a steak by desirable tenderness, the top choice is the Filet Mignon. This steak is known for its submission to a knife. You will often hear people say “it’s like butter” as they carve a bite sized piece off the hot pressed beef. The smooth and ease of eating this steak coupled with its price is what makes it popular for special occasions.

The next steak to follow in the footsteps of tenderness is the Ribeye. This steak is marbled with fat and is known for its outstanding buttery flavor. If you’re looking for an equally tender steak with a higher presentation value, purchase the Tomahawk. This steak is a not so distant cousin to the Ribeye with the only difference being a long rib bone attached to the beef. Hence the signature name “Tomahawk”.

As far as tenderness and decadence goes the Hanger is a steak that is ranked higher than any others. This steak was once referred to as the “butcher’s cut” because most butchers kept this for themselves. It follows close behind the filet in conjecture with affordability, however it is worth the investment.

An Affordable Steak Option

Following the rungs down the ladder the Sirloin is the next step down in affordability and tenderness. With this steak you will need to be aware because there is a trick to purchasing. There is the Top Sirloin and the Sirloin, and you must always default to the Top Sirloin. This is the superior of the two cuts because it comes from a less active region of the beef cow which increases its tenderness value.

Next in affordability you are presented with a steakhouse favorite, the New York Strip steak. With its fine grain texture and prominent beefy flavor this is also a household favorite to perk up from the midweek blues.

To get the best of both worlds with tenderness and affordability are the honorable mentions, the T-bone and Porterhouse steaks. These steaks are essentially indistinguishable other than by their size with the Porterhouse steak being the larger of the two. These bone-in steaks consist of a filet on one side of the bone and a strip on the other.

For our last tender steak the Tri-tip is essential for any barbecue. This steak is often overlooked however its affordability and tenderness make it exceptional for any family occasion where you need to feed any number of guests.

Following last in tenderness you are presented with the Flank and Skirt steaks. These steaks are often cooked in a dry rub marinade and thinly sliced pieces against the grain to maintain a semblance of chew-ability. These steaks are mostly used for stir fry and fajitas.

The Tough Pieces of Meat

Coming in last as the toughest steaks available for purchase are the Round, Chuck and Flat iron steaks. These steaks are among the most affordable dinner time specials. The Chuck steak is often used in stews and other liquid based meals to “melt down” the hardness of the protein. There is more variation with how you can prepare the Round and Flat iron steaks however if cooked poorly the results will be disastrous.

Of the Different Types of Steak Choices, We Have the Best

As you can see, there are many different types of steaks that you can choose from, but there is one type of steak that we know is the best.  The best type of steak that you can choose is one from Hometown Meat. Your best choice for mail order steak. https://mailordermeats.com.



What are the 15 Different Types of Steaks?
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What are the 15 Different Types of Steaks?
There are many different types of steaks that are available to buy. Of the different types, we know the best type of steaks are the ones you can buy from Hometown Meat!
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