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beef for weight loss

We hate to get “sciency” on you here at Hometown Meat. But we would be doing you a disservice if didn’t tell you about a portion of the incredible effective weight loss benefits of beef. So here’s a quick primer on some of the advantages beef, easily amongst nature’s amazing weight loss foods. Especially when you buy one of our meat subscription boxes. But first. Let’s ask the question, is beef good for weight loss?

It is mandatory for the USDA to inspect meat. The grading is an option. The beef you can buy in a retail market is USDA graded prime, choice and selected. All of the free range, Angus beef that we have at Hometown Meat is just the best. Ground and processed meat items are usually graded as , standard, cutter, and commercial. Prime is the absolute most marbled and flavorful; however, it also has the most fat. Most of the beef you will discover in the supermarket is graded either USDA choice or select; having said that, the mineral and vitamin content of both are equal.

Beef is the greatest source of protein around.

When compared to a skinless poultry thigh, you will find that there are a dozen cuts of beef that have less fat and leaner content. Additionally, they meet the USDA labeling guidelines for low fat and extra lean.
Here are the lean cuts of beef: T-bone steak and tri-tip roast, top and eye round, top loin, tenderloin, mock tender steak, boneless shoulder steak, top sirloin, round top, boneless shoulder steak, in addition to boneless shoulder cut roast, boneless shoulder steak.
You can get beef whenever of year in specialty markets,, supermarket, and super stores.

Weight Loss Benefits of Beef

The American Dietetic Association states that meat is the # 1 source of protein, zinc and Vitamin B12. You can also find all 9 essential amino acids in beef.
Here are the nutrients you will get from a three ounce serving of beef: zinc, phosphorous, selenium, and vitamin B12. Here are some more vitamins you will find in beef: riboflavin, B6, niacin, iron, and thiamine.
Overall health and powerful muscles are assisted by consumption of protein. The protein in beef is a good source of energy that can keep the body energized over a substantial period of your time. Also, it supports the immune system in preventing disease. Protein is a major element in the bones, organs, and muscles of the body. Protein is the basis for enzymes and hormones that help regulate bodily processes.

Beef is loaded with B vitamins.

B complex vitamins like B6, B12, riboflavin and niacin, give a boost in metabolizing protein, carbohydrates, and fats, and boost energy production. Vitamin B12 is solely found in animal food products. It helps with the production of red blood cells and helps prevent stroke and heart disease. Vitamin B6 also supports heart health. For healthy and balanced skin, eyes and vision, riboflavin is important. The key function of thiamine in beef is the promotion of normal appetite and the support of a healthy nervous system. Beef is naturally high in iron and all of us know that iron helps your blood carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the body to reduce muscle fatigue. Beef can assist with wound healing. It’s high in zinc. Wound healing is supported and infections prevented with zinc, and we realize that zinc can invigorate your taste while curbing your appetite.

Beef is high in selenium.

The powerful antioxidant selenium is good for fighting off infection, along with battling cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer. The combination of vitamin E and selenium (a potent antioxidant found in beef) can help you to reduce free radical damage to cells.

Beef contains choline, an important element in the functioning of the brain, particularly both long-term and short-term memory. Beef is also high in  omega 3 fat that is essential for human growth and development, and also you can find it in beef. You will find a number of essential omega 3 in grass fed beef.

Beef for Weight Loss is Real

Along with being definitely practical for people with heart disease, omega 3 may also help fight cancer according to recent studies. Total fat and fatty acid ratio is much lower in grass fed beef than in grain fed beef. There are fewer calories in grass fed beef. Lean beef is an excellent addition to any fat burning program. So are you seeking a healthy weight management option? Resort to beef. Actually, look to the beef at Hometown Meat.

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