“Your satisfaction is very important to us.”Hometown Meat Team


Hometown Meat

We are a 5th generation family owned farm. Our animals are raised in a low stress, free range environment rather than being packed onto a feedlot. We believe this is a difference you can taste.


choose us?

     Simply put, because we care. Our family has been raising cattle in central Indiana since the late 1800’s.  Over the course of the last 150 years the lessons learned have been meticulously passed down through each generation. The methods and technology we use to raise cattle have undoubtedly changed since then but the underlying principle of how we care for cattle has not. When I was growing up I remember having it drilled into my head that the cows ALWAYS come first. If you and the cows are both hungry or sick or have any issue at all,  take care of the cows first and then you worry about yourself. I now have the privilege of passing those lessons on to my children. The overriding thought that those lessons are meant to instill is that you ABSOLUTELY have to care about your animals. You have to go out each and every day and do as much for them as you do for your family to keep them happy, healthy and strong. That low stress enriched environment is why you should try our products. We firmly believe that it makes all the difference in the world in how our meat tastes compared to  what comes from large scale feedlots (which 95% of our nations beef does).  – Dustin